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Everyone has a story. 2020 surely was a year to remember. But in the year of Corona, we all had to find the resources to survive. Survival is the name of the game. It isn’t easy, but you find a way. And that is the fight we are here for – to help men, women, boys and girls- find a way out and to regain their freedom. EnJewel’s goal is to help those who are in pursuit of happiness but now their freedoms have been removed – not by choice but by force. We will share these stories.

We envisioned for 2020 – “New Vision, New Beginnings.” We thought we had to take a step back but if anything – we propelled to help survivors – with the help of those in our backyard. Human Trafficking took a major escalation with kids not in school, people losing jobs and increase use of digital devices.

We still educated, we still rescued, we still helped our collaborative partners. We were still able to help with New Beginnings.” Here’s a year in review.

January 2020 – Wear Blue Day Campaign– remember those who have been rescued and are healing, remember those who are enslaved and praying for a day of rescue and a time for restoration

Feb/March 2020 – Campaign for Kitchen appliances/Accessories to Bedroom furniture. Partnered with The Butterfly House to prepare for ladies recently rescued. Private individuals, businesses to hotels and restaurants made this dream a reality. Truckloads went to The Butterfly House including the kitchen sink!

April/May 2020 – Campaign for Baskets of New Beginnings – Collected baskets for women who have been recently rescued and placed in a home. Baskets filled with basic necessities to prayer books, bibles, daily journals, to towels, blankets, stuffed animals and lots of gently used and brand new clothes. It was amazing to see how many baskets were filled with gifts from the heart.

July 2020 – 5 K Run/walk/hike/climb – Unable to do our planned event at Mt. Trashmore. But we prevailed and made this a virtual global event. We had friends and family run/walked/treadmilled from home, a beach, a park, a mountain – wherever from Virginia, Washington DC, New York, California, Texas, Florida, North Carolina and Hawaii in the US to the Philippines, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and Guam. We donated $1,000 to The Butterfly House, in the US and $1,000 to Regeneration Intl, a US not for profit. The Butterfly House is building their second home, Saving Grace. Regeneration Intl. is building the first of its kind home for minor boys in the Philippines.

August 2020 – Freedom Backpacks – collected backpacks and school supplies for kids in our backyard and also in the Philippines. With kids learning from home – these supplies are even more important as kids relied on the school for supplies. We collected for over 50 teachers and over 350 students.

October/November 2020 – Giving Back Tuesday Campaign – from website rebuilding to social media campaigns to fight and pray for those in this world of Human Trafficking.

November/December 2020– Christmas Stocking Campaign. Filling stockings with basic needs to Christmas gifts that were requested by survivors from 3 different homes locally. So Blessed in ending the year with so many blessings.

January 15, 2021 in recognizing Human Trafficking Prevention Month, our Junior Board launched their first event by doing a virtual concert that included local artists with their originals that shared a story in song while unfolding a story that showcase like-minded organizations that fight in this space: Justice Ministries, Safe House Projects and Survivor Ventures.

Yes, it was still a year full of starting New Beginnings for many that were praying for a place they can call “home.” As I shared last year and will say for 2021 – Praying for a better normal.

We have truly been blessed with people coming to us to provide resources to help others. We hope that you will join us in making a meaningful impactful.

For those of you who ask what can I do? Join us in doing just 5 things this year:

  1. Do the Social Media campaign by Following us on EnJewel Facebook, Follow us @enjewelva and @makingwaves.vb
  2. Learn more about being in the fight by doing a 1 hour training where you will be empowered to spot, report and prevent sex trafficking. Do this by going on Take the training, print your certificate at the end and post you and your certificate on EnJewel
    or send to and we will post on our EnJewel website photo gallery.
  3. Align your Amazon account to our charity, so when you shop (which I know you all do!) Amazon will give back Simply shop at and AmazonSmile will donate to Enjewel, at no cost to you.
  4. Be a volunteer and visit legislators here at home and in DC to share the story and get others to sign the petition: Join the movement – support victims of human trafficking in Virginia
  5. Donate on our website for year 2021, just $21/month for the year. This is like $5 a week – less than what you would spend for Starbucks or for breakfast. This will help us support our collaborative partners and educate those in our community.

If you can do these 5 steps – you are riding this journey with us to make a difference. Yes, COVID is amidst us, but these are the times that trafficking has escalated. Want to do more, email us or call us – we need you. It just may be your calling. Stay tuned to some incredible ways people are making a difference in our community. The EnJewel team is humbled and grateful for your support.

Be blessed, well and safe.
Naomi Estaris