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FreedomRun 2020: A fundraiser to give justice to the fight for others

In preparation for World Day against Human Trafficking in Persons on July 30, 2020, ENJEWEL is launching FreedomRun 2020: A fundraiser to give justice to the fight for others.

Mechanics for the run are as follows:

  • Registration for the run is open until August 2, 2020.
  • Once registered, participants will receive their printable bib/singlets via email.
  • Participants can do the run at their own convenience and choice of location (You can even do the walk/run on your treadmill!) until August 2, 2020.
  • To campaign louder and further, we encourage our participants to take a pre and post run photo or video* that they will be running for World against Human Trafficking in Persons Day, while wearing a shirt with the printable bib/singlet attached.
  • Participants can then upload their videos on the ENJEWEL Facebook page to encourage other people to run for the same cause.
  • For participants who can’t do the run, we encourage these advocates to put a blue ribbon outside of their homes (front door, gate, fence, the tree in front of their home, or even their car door, antenna or window) to signify that their household supports the fight against Human Trafficking and victims can run to them for help.
  • Participants will receive a #IRanForFreedom shirt and baller after posting a picture of them with the singlet on and show their proof that they have completed the 5k. We also encourage to get a witness to sign the singlet or show the run/walk app in a photo or video.
  • Registration fee costs $30. Proceeds from the event goes to EnJewel’s collaboration partners:

Building a minor home for girls called “Amazing Grace”

Adding a gym to the existing center to help deaf and blind children off the streets to be possible victims to trafficking

Building the first of its kind for minor boys in the Philippines.

Together, let’s run for freedom!

*EnJewel reserves the right to take down the photo or video should there be any inappropriate with and/or embedded in the video.

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