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JUNE 1 2020

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Philippine American Chamber of Commerce Mixer

About the Event

(Virginia Beach, VA)- EMPOWERING YOU TO TAKE ACTION. On Friday, January 18, 2019, from 5:30 to 9pm, the Philippine American Chamber of Commerce will host the first ENJEWEL annual event – a Fashion and Music Showcase, “A New Beginning” at the Sandler Center in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The Fashion showcase will unveil the latest of International Fashion Designer Joseph Aloysius Montelibano’s Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Couture, the *Aloysius Collection” – showing that fashion can be environmentally friendly while still maintaining the fashion standards of the Haute Couture World.

The Showcase will also launch ENJEWEL (Equality and Justice for Every Woman Every Land) an organization that brings advocates together to fight against Human Trafficking. To this end, proceeds from the event will benefit the work of two local nonprofit antihuman trafficking organizations , the Butterfly House, whose goal is to build the first of its kind home for female minor victims that have been rescued from Human Trafficking in Virginia- giving them a new way of life and the Virginia Beach Justice Initiative (“VBJI”), whose purpose is to end human trafficking throughout Coastal Virginia and beyond through awareness, prevention initiatives and intervention strategies that meet the needs of trafficking survivors. .

Mr. Montelibano will also promote awareness of the importance and need for Eco-Friendly fashion that inspires us to make more environmentally conscious decisions about our fashion purchases while ENJEWEL will educate on the importance of being aware of our surroundings and those who may be targeted as victims of Human Trafficking. The Couture Event will be featuring more than one hundred fashion pieces from the “Aloysius Collection” as distinguished performers Nicole Asensio, Tricia Canilao and Laurence Mossman take the musical stage. The collaborative weave of both fashion and music will exhilarate all audiences.

The Philippine Embassy in Washington DC welcomes this initiative to empower individuals and communities to eliminate trafficking in persons. The US-Philippines Society also supports this important initiative to showcase Philippine talent but moreover to assist victims of human trafficking. All will be inspired to take action and live more conscientiously through a fusion of fashion, music, change makers and thought leaders together with mindfulness, the pursuit of happiness and meaningful connections. Preparing for the #the NextGen is key to our future. Join us as we showcase a meaningful and impactful “New Beginning.”


To purchase tickets, click on the link below to purchase them from the Sandler Center.
Sandler Center

Philippine American Chamber of Commerce Mixer

Collaborative Partners:
Butterfly House
US Philippine Society
State Department
PH Embassy

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