End Human Trafficking
JULY 2 2020

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Virginia Report Card 2019

Virginia criminalizes child sex trafficking without requiring proof of force, intimidation, or deception, but the sex trafficking law does not reach buyers. State law does not prohibit the criminalization of minors for the crime of prostitution; however, juvenile sex trafficking victims have access to a specialized service response. Information about other states, visit SharedHope site.

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Toolkit 2019

The Protected Innocence Challenge is the nation’s only comprehensive study of state laws on child sex trafficking.

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Responding to Sex Trafficking Victim-Offender Intersectionality

This field guidance is a joint report by Shared Hope International and Villanova Law Institute to Address Commercial Sexual Exploitation and was informed by Shared Hope’s JuST Response Council. It follows three years of collaborative research on sex trafficking victim-offender intersectionality—the phenomenon of sex trafficking survivors who are alleged to have engaged in sex trafficking conduct.


For more information and reports for other states, visit the SharedHope site.

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