End Human Trafficking
JULY 2 2020

National Hotline: 888-373-7888
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Making Waves for Freedom

In January, we had created a message for 2020 – “New Vision, New Beginning.” Engage and educate people by giving them 20/20 eyesight – so that Human Trafficking would no longer be “Hidden in Plain sight.” We invited people to watch “Blind Eyes Opened” to provide more awareness of domestic human trafficking.

It is now May. We all have experienced a new vision – a different way of life and some have said “a new normal.” I’m praying for a “Better normal.” Corona Virus or COVID 19 has changed our way of life here and around the world. Who would ever imagine that this global crisis would have impacted our lives in a matter of months?

More than ever, EnJewel needs you. Human trafficking has escalated to new heights. Many have asked on how COVID19 has impacted the human trafficking landscape. What makes children and adults vulnerable to human trafficking in the first place: economic conditions, unstable living conditions and even drug abuse? We need your help in these areas:

  • Internet Safety- provide knowledge of technology dangers and provide safety tips whether you are doing on-line classes, gaming or Zoom conferencing
  • Immigration- Where there is much concern is for those who may be undocumented. Immigration status is a hot button used by traffickers as a way to keep children and adults under their control. There is a “Climate of fear” that has people even less likely than before to come forward to seek help.
  • Homelessness – Unemployment is on the rise, kids going hungry, runaways from their homes/foster homes – all key to vulnerability for trafficking.
  • Education- key to half the battle is awareness. The power is knowledge. Need to increase peer-to-peer programs and train the trainer programs. Need to get in front of more schools, churches, social and civic groups. Train specialties that will most likely be in front of the problem: hotels, ports, truckers, nurses/medical professionals, teachers, travel industry professionals, and others.

Especially in times of Corona, we need your help- your contributions to build educational programs for a “New Vision. We need to protect our children and grandchildren. I hope that you will join us in our fight to making a difference in our own backyard. The EnJewel team would be humbled and so grateful for your support.

Be Blessed, Be Safe –
Founder and President

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